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Guide to ux careers infographic

Hey guys found a really cool infographic about UX Jobs. This is information is based on results from the U.S but it is still quite interesting to read about what could possibly become our careers in the near future. The part I found the most interesting was the last part which talks about the tools of the trade. This section has the potential of helping us at the moment, as it has a list of  programs we can use to carry out research, design work and prototyping. Looking at all these different programs and testing them will really bring our exploration and analysis marks up an most importantly give us the most effective tool to be enable us to deliver an app that is most suited to our audience.

Check the link out. There are other infographs on the site as well that relate to UX design.

Guide to UX careers: Tools of the trade

Guide to UX careers: Tools of the trade



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