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Listed is what I think is a very successful research campaign strategy. The project is called share an idea. Design Director / Guy Pask. I was actually just reading about the use of sticky notes in the book mental models by Adaptive path’s co-founder Indi Young.

Walls of sticky notes are a great way to get other people involved in sharing there ideas. They can be trailed in many different places such as the workplace, the studio, or even lunchrooms (where people gather). Share an idea  looked to have conducted there research in more public spaces, such as conferences and conventions.

There is a nice use of Graphic Design colour arrangements. These colour arrangements make it more appealing and fun, influencing the engagement of  participant in the research project, rather than it being a tedious chore.

research technuiqes spotted from the pictures:

1) Personas – The team have defined user groups and written up goals for what the narrowed user wants.

2) Mental Models – Certain levels of grouping and categorizing of the users behaviors.

3) Sketching/ Drawing – This a good technique to use to get the participant to open up and express themselves differently to than verbally communicating.

This is a very inspiring campaign. It is a great way to define the users goal. It is important that we trail this, to identify what our specific target audience want to get and see out of the application, that we are designing for them. Of course the research does not need to be any where near as large scale as this project listed. However the time put in will be worth while in shaping a end product. Resulting in an end product that fits the users requirements and meeting there specific needs.

To View the project: http://bestawards.co.nz/entries/graphic/share-4/


Share An Idea


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