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Taronga’s Zoo App For Kids

Here is the app that has been produced for Taronga’s Zoo in Sydney Australia. This is a good example of an app designed for children. There target audience was for children between the ages of 5-12.  The app is educational as well as fun by being challenging and rewarding.

The app is marketed towards parents who are looking for fun activities with there children to do. This app is also free to download and it’s a great way to attract visitors by having new content at the zoo. Children use there parents Iphones or smart phones. Using the IPhone’s built-in camera and GPS, kids and older Zoo visitors can navigate their way around the Zoo using the interactive map, taking photos of the right animals and placing them in the guide.

Storytelling techniques: The designers have created a character called Marley who is the narrator. Marley has a bit of back story to him, he is ten years old and his mother is a zoo keeper. The story teller being a kid, with relations to the zoo may help kids themselves connect/ relate to the stories being told.

Rewards: When a challenge/ task is completed, children are rewarded by unlocking hidden content such as notes, video content and audio content.

Word of mouth: Children have the option to send there photograph’s to there friends. Therefore they are telling other children of a similar age, where they are and what they are doing. ie. They are having fun at the Taronga Zoo. This is a great technique to use to spread the word about the app and potentially influencing new visitors.

V.X. Tactics: A technuiqe worth noting is that the application’s content is based around a “treasure hunt”.

For more info and to check out the video go to: http://www.taronga.org.au/taronga-zoo/tours-activities/taronga-zoo-iphone-app/taronga-zoo-free-iphone-app


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Sons & Co. Pocket Gallery

Design Director / Timothy Kelleher. Design Team / Matthew Arnold / Andrew Brehaut. Client / Christchurch Art Gallery.

This design was produced by Sons & Co. for the Christchurch art gallery in 2011. The layout is clean and simple follow. There is only five page links in the home section, which reduces clutter by offering clear and subtracted links to follow. This results in reducing information overload. I have yet to test the app itself to see what the navigation’s/ operations are like.  In the storyboard, it is worth noting that the page continues vertacally outside of the iphone template, this is to show the non visable. By showcasing this I already know as the viewer that the scrolling of the pages is vertical, withouteven physicaly testing the app out. This app received a gold award at the bestawards.co.nz.

If you interested in New Zealand interactive design this is also worth looking at: http://bestawards.co.nz/entries/interactive/pocket-gallery/

Or New Zealand interactive design: http://bestawards.co.nz/entries/interactive

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