Title : Interactive Culture – Auckland

Aim : To develop a common technology and interaction platform for the cultural institutions of Auckland that will support wireless content for visitors across these various, unique sites.


Reading – Card Sorting (Summary)

Card Sorting is pretty simple technique – write things on index card (or the software equivalent) and ask people to sort the cards into groups.

Open card sort – Participants create and label their own groups of card.

Closed card sort – You provide a set of categories and ask participants to slot content into those categories.

*Note – Closed card sort doesn’t seem to work efficiently. If you want to know where people would look for content, you should ask where they would look for it, not ask where they would put for it.

Choosing the People

  1. Involve actual users (figure out why real user think)
  2. You want enough participants, so you can get a range of answers and see similarities & differences.
  3. The real benefit is listening to a team’s work and discussion – Go for quality, not quantity.
  4. Don’t collect more data than you need – you’ll just have trouble analyzing it.

*Note – Compare the result from different group.

Make the Cards

What to put on card (Title) ?

  • Be easy for participants to understand
  • Accurately represent the content.
  • Spell out any acronyms and jargon.

*Note – Pay attention to your title : sloppy title makes for a bad sort. Get someone uninvolved in the project to check before printing out.

Manage the Sort

  • Do a test run.
  • Think about how you will analyze all the data you collect.
  • Don’t stop working hard during the sort.
  • Monitor the card sort.

*Note – Observing the sort (listening to discussion, taking photo, and making sure no one is being ignored).

Exploratory Analysis

  1. Analyze Labels
  • Similarities in terminology. (ie The Region/About Region)
  • Differences in terminology. (ie Things to do/Attractions/Activities)
  • Formality of language. (ie Dining/Places to eat)

2.  Analyze Organizational Schemes

  • For example, on a movie site, people may organize the cards by genre, director, or a year. On intranet projects, some participants sort the card according to audience, and most by topic.

3.  Analyze How Accurately Participants Have Group Content

4.  Analyze Participants Comments


Research & Site Visit

1. How mobile application works? (Research on apps, analyze, and test it on my mobile) ie Moma museum

2. Auckland’s Cultural Institution . (Research & do site visit on Art Gallery and Museum) ie AucklandArtGallery Auckland Museum JapArtFestival


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