MOBILE APP for Elderlies, I found this quite useful, because its user-interface is really simple yet has features that are almost similar to Iphones and a Tablet, it is an Android Phone. I quite like how the phone can be tilt sideways and it has a very robust keypad that would be suitable to elderlies


After the feedback from the tutor (William Bardebes), I should be developing my ideas, and consider a few techniques, adding more features and simple iconic elements to consider tourists that don’t speak English.

On the video prototype mock up that I recently did, the tutor suggested if I could maybe find another type of music that would suit more in advertising the mobile application for the zoo.  William also suggested if I could maybe find someone who has good voice over for the features and to enhance a better understanding and advertise that this mobile application should achieve a good user-experience. However, the tutor said that the video prototype worked, and communicated clearly, and would love to seen more of it.

At this stage, I should be focussing more on the design aesthetic, exploring iconic figures to add onto my buttons to achieve a universal language. I should look at contemporary icon design, way-finding systems(beyond technology).


Exploring my digital concepts,(more digital concepts, more “storyboard” and more justified way finding systems eg, navigation ( where things go, what button leads to what? how it functions, how it operates when it is pressed).


At this stage, I am trying to come up with a simple layout, aesthetic, color palettes, experiment with universal iconic figures to communicate easily not just through my targeted audience (Late adults 50 and above) but for all users. I am also trying to break down and apply taxonomies to provide users the maximum capacity of not only enjoying the zoo but to also have a good user-experience with this mobile application proposal.


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