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Prototyping Links

If you have a Mac look at this. If you do not have a KeyNote, then go to the App store.

There is a 30 day free down load of this. This is an industry standard for sketching prototypes. There are both an iPad and iPhone interface kits. 


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Story Telling for User Experience

Hello Folks

It is important to remember to share your reading tasks, it is a waste of time for each of you to try to read everything. The link below is another theoretical tome to flesh out your understanding of what is required for user experience design.

Doctor Cris will be with us on Thursday for an hour. I suggest that you have your benchmark document ready for the its first showing. This does not have to be the final version but should indicate your research findings thus far. Remember you have the Ning group as a place for communal discussion as well as this.

Do you want to have your own pages on this site (Justin, San, Ryan, Tee, Eric). I think this would be a very good idea. Feedback please.



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Van Gogh interactive app

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Important Mental Model Reading

Mental models are an important part of your practice as it is a means to understand your target audience and understand their ‘root’ concerns/design considerations. Even though this book is written for one specific type of design, it is not difficult at all for you to transpose the understanding to our project.

Reading this will enable you to further understand what is being asked of you in this project. Combine that with some inspirational blog reading (theres links around here somewhere) and you are moving on to the correct path.


This pdf is an excellent guide to a research method firmly grounded in common sense. But don’t let the simplicity of the process detract from the power of the change it can enable. Talking to users in a structured way, analyzing in a collaborative way, and diagramming with clarity can transform the way we approach the design process in this project.

Better start reading then.


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Near Field Communication: 6 Ways It Could Change Our Daily Lives

As you will all remember Cris was talking about NFC on Monday. Even though this technology is 5 years old in terms of public release, it is  yet to extend itself beyond the early adopters user groups. There are many rumors about it being bundled into the iPhone 5 (the same was rumored for the 4S, so set aside a grain of salt).

Here’s the link

Near Field Communication: 6 Ways It Could Change Our Daily Lives.

But what are the alternatives. What can be done with smart phone magnetometers? Is Wifi triangulation enough. What can be done with a Wifi address?

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Bill Moggridge Chapter

Welcome to here, one of two places where we shall be collaborating in a digital sense. In due course I shall setup a dropbox account to share other PDF resources.

Remember that from now onwards you must be collecting examples of digital  and mobile digital interaction devices. This is a collaborative document. I want to see examples of the template on Thursday this week. Cris sketched a potential form for this document in San’s workbook, make sure that you get a copy of this as a starting reference. There is also a rough sketch of the research question for this project in San’s book.

So in summary we you have the following tasks on your list (at least)
Collaborative document
Your brief to develop either collaboratively or individually (this will become the group brief eventually)

Here is the first reading. DesigningInteractions_6

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