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UpSkill Yersel’

Can’t remember who put their hand up for getting really good (and therefore really useful) with ‘card-sorting’ …

Anyhow, there’s great material at the recently developed Encyclopedia for Human Computer Interaction by the people … Chapter 22 : Card Sorting !

there’s also some relevant chapters, on requirements engineering (how to find out what features, functions, etc. really need to be embedded in the design) , and visual aesthetics (how to figure out what it should really look like, based on what user’s are trying to achieve)

Sort amongst you who’s following up what (also include on the reading list the prototyping and storytelling books from Rosenfeld media, that i leant you as digital books)


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Mobiles and Museums

Nancy Proctor, head of ‘mobile strategy’ at the Smithsonian Institute (USA) has an interesting site featuring a variety of different media – including podcasts/videos, etc that document the changing face of museum visitor experience. Great content for listening to on the bus, in the car, etc!

check out the video podcast “Evaluation-Led Mobile Experience Design” in particular

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