Zoo kids app character (Feedback needed Please)


Storyline: Meredith the snake just moved from Australia to Auckland Zoo. She needs help getting familiar with her new home and the other animals.

How it works: The kids will go around scanning QR Codes that are at each enclosure. By doing this they unlock some information about the animals in that particular enclosure, name, age, date of birth, favorite food, etc. This information is really what Meredith needs but in return the kids get either get a puzzle or a coloring in page, which they have to complete in order to gain points. With the points earned, kids are able to use them to purchase locked items that they can add to their own virtual zoo, which they can name anything they want, and maintain. (Farmvielle concept).

I chose a snake because I thought it would be different, and that is one of the ‘popular’ animals that is not found at the Auckland Zoo. After some consideration however I thought maybe a snake is not the best animal to use, this is where I need the feedback. Is a snake an appropriate animal to use as my main character for the app?

The style is going to be all illustrations, inspired by the Taronga zoo app.

Meredith (click here to view the pdf of Meredith)

intro story  (click here to view a pdf of my story board so far.)


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One response to “Zoo kids app character (Feedback needed Please)

  1. Hey Tee, I am liking the concept and the surrounding idea of the storyline. In particular how it engages children and motivates them to explore well at the same time being educational. The reward systems are sounding great, I would start visualizing those and testing them to figure out the direction within the ideas you had (they are all sounding good).

    Now as for the character, which is mainly what you wanted feedback on.. I like it visually and seeing it in the intro story that you provided I can start to see it working..

    My argument against having a snake as our character would be how likeable is a snake to children? Taronga Zoo said what they wanted from a character is something that is likeable, approachable and easy to identify with. By the way if you are interested in Taronga Zoo and if you did not watch the case study on them I would highly recommend it:


    My other opinion on what the character should be, is that I would like to see some local identity. For example the choice of using a kiwi for our character. It would really make the app identifiable as belonging to New Zealand because the Kiwi is exclusive. It’s our app (Auckland, New Zealand) and I think we need to make it represented as our app. I think the clients would also like that as well.

    At this point I am making the assumption that kiwis are friendly and likeable. Some research is needed to see where else iconically the have used. The story will have to be reworded obviously, but the concept story should stay the same.

    I think the best thing to do at this stage is to present a few options. Some open and closed surveys or focus groups against children will be what determines who the character is. (Taronga Zoo used focus groups). So what I am saying basically is let the children of Auckland decide since this part of the app is for them anyway.

    Make the surveys as visual as possible, to make it a more interesting survey. I think you should use the slide 01 from the intro story to present the concept to children. I liked seeing it presented and I was able to see it in context. Rather than just asking kids stand alone without visuals. You could have say three pictures/ character choices, same background, same story, just the character changes. You could even present it on a iphone if you wanted.

    Just trail it on family and friends children for now, then we could go to the zoo and ask participants. We need to sort out some kind of pass I think, because it’s going to get expensive if we are taking trips to the zoo for research! I am also going to set us up a youtube account some time soon. I am going to post up some concepts to try and get feedback from the web on the app, so that could be another good place for collecting research on your visuals.

    Hope that helps 🙂

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