Streetmuseum: Q&A with Museum of London

Street Museum: Museum of London

I just came accross this Q & A with Vicky Lee (Marketing Manager) on the muesuem of London’s augmented reality app, Which  I thought was worth sharing. I am interested in looking at ways of incorporating some of the rich  history of Auckland’s Cultural institution’s, into the app. Maybe it could be incorporated through storytelling rather than just visuals. One quick note into the article if you don’t have time to read it. Q: “Overall, what have you learnt about the process so far?” A: “Simple works best.” That somes up the reoccuring concept  into only three words.

Here is the link to the  Q&A:

Here is a little experiment of mine contrasting the differences of Auckland’s Art gallery, from the 1900’s to a fairly recent time…

Ryan Hartley’s Work


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