Virtual Wallet News/ Updates

Telecom has just signed up to push for mobile payments. Some of our biggest networks Vodafone, telecom and 2Degrees are working on this project in collaboration. They are working towards buying goods over the counter with smart phone devices as well as to pay for public transport. All those RFID scanners installed on our public transport systems for smart cards (Hop) will also work in conjunction with smart phones. The company’s involved are working on loyalty programs as a scheme to get people to make the transition and to stick with the program.

This is more evidence that NFC  and smart phone use is soon going to soon become a reality. Mobile wallet services were launched in North America and the United Kingdom this year and have been operational in Japan since 2004 and South Korea since 2007. Vodafone have been testing in cafes since November 2011. More smart phones with NFC technology are expected to be arriving soon. New Samsung mobiles already have NFC, the Iphone does not. The new Iphone is expected to include NFC. Because of this as well as the testing that is still underway we are said to not see mobile wallets go commercial until early next year.



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