Visual Writing Technuiques

Universal Principals of Design

I find that I write down quite a lot of writing for my findings, learning and ideas etc. When I refer back to it, it looks so dry and boring, which puts myself off from ever wanting to read my clumped information again. I have been doing a little bit of reading into advertising and it really highlights the power of text and image vs. text alone.

To illustrate this I have included a scan from page 185 from Universal Principals of Design. When scanning over the page my eyes only pick up on the advertisements with text and image. All text based writing is blurred out in the background. This show’s that text and image has a stronger superiority when quickly scanning over pages. Maybe you spent more time looking over the images before you started to read my writing. Even though my writing is placed first, to the left.

Ogilvy Notes

I want to improve my note taking by adding some visuals into my writing. I located the idea of “mind mapping”. Mind mapping is to include text and drawings into your note taking. Note taking is often quickly jotting down ideas, so quick abstract renderings are ideal.  I came across a group called Ogilvy Notes, who do a great job at visual writing  and who I thought were well worth sharing.

I have started to try to incoperate visual writing into my own note taking in my visual diary. No where near as detailed as this, but I guess you have to start somewhere. What I have found so far is that it has made the note taking more memorable for me, by including the visuals. It divides the text up into more easily digestible chunks whilst making it less pain staking when it comes time to refer and read back over my notes taken. I would recommend trying this for yourself.

I am only using basic sketches at the moment, but i think as I improve in this method and not to mention also start to include colour, I feel the results will be even better. It’s also a great way to do things the old fashioned way, “by hand” and brush up on some drawing skills. Rather than digitally drawing or using photographs all the time.

For more visual inspiration refer to:


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