New Zealand’s Public Transport Smart Card Upgrade

Our public transport system is finally catching up with the rest of the world. A major overhaul of our buses, trains and ferries and being put into place. This overhaul is the introduction of smart card technology. This new smart card is known as a hop card.

I have used this smart card technology before on a trip to the Gold coast. The Gold coast’s smart card is called a go card. I found the go card to be successful. It saves time when entering the mode of transport, there is no fumbling around of loose change to give to the bus driver or Ticketmaster.  People without a go card actually became an annoyance because they would hold up others at a peak time. Both the hop card and the go card offer discounts to the user which is appealing to a regular  public transport user.

How does it work? There is a tag in the card itself and then there is a recover on the transport vehicle. It is near field communication. You must swipe your card within a close range (about an inch) of the receiver. You swipe the card when you enter the chosen mode of transport and then you swipe the card again when you exit. Thus calculating the total cost of your fair. It cuts out communication with the driver/ticket master who works out a total cost of your fair before your journey.  To buy a hop card cost’s ten dollars, then after that you can keep topping up funds through selected locations and retailers.

for more info:

Hop Card –
Go Card –


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