A Successful Interactive Experience Should Be Simple, Social And Fun-January 5, 2012 in How to,Miscellaneous,Networking

Essential Ingredients for a Great Interactive Experience for Your Event

While working on summarizing the process, I came through with a few things that might seem obvious to you but if you analyze many efforts that are made at conferences they totally miss these points.

(A typical failed experience I see over and over again is one including QR codes as an entry point and expecting people to start interacting with them out of the blue. It fails because of one or more of the following: people don’t know what a QR code is or how to use it, they don’t have a smartphone a QR code reader in it, don’t have internet access or it’s not provided by the event, the experience is dull or not worth interacting with in a third place, because of this they don’t invite other attendees to take part in it).

A great interactive experience should:

  1. Be designed for all attendees and not just for a specific group
  2. Be easy to use (ability factor)
  3. Motivate people to take part of it (motivation)
  4. Include a trigger that acts as a call to action for people to take part of it
  5. Have results that are memorable (wow factor), that stimulate conversation



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