Constraints with the Ipad

Some key considerations to note about the use of portable devices for this project, is how well do they manage with intermittent and prolonged use. Things to consider are battery life and heating issues. Part of our setting is outdoors which can add to heating issues as well as readability issues.

How well do smart phones work an outdoor setting? The results seem to vary on which device you use and what your screen brightness settings are set at. The newer apple products seem to work better due to updated display. The other negative associated with an outdoor setting is if it is a hot day it is only going to add to the devices heating issues.

Here is a video of the apple Ipad in the sun:

We will have to test this out for ourselves next week to get the best idea.

Now to the heating issues.. Prolonged and intermittent use of the of certain smart phone devices can lead to overheating. The reports are that the new Ipad is hot. As in temperature wise. They have packed too much in to such as slim device and it cannot handle it. People have said that the device shuts itself down when it gets to hot. Is this a potential issue? In a short answer yes. However there may be ways around it by adjusting brightness options and cases. I don’t see the ipad working well outside then. It would still be beneficial to test this for ourselves. There are many other devices available to us now, my interest in apple is due to it’s popularity.

Key Readings:

How long does the Ipads Battery last? Apple claim that the Ipad works for upto 10 hours with heavy use. But from what people say from mixed reviews is the Ipad 3 averages from about 5-7 hours of heavy use. This Should be enough for a day out at one of our key sites. However no assumptions are to be made. We will see if that report has the average time somebody spends at one of these sites.


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