Average Iphone & Ipad Users Age

The highest average Iphone owners age is the 25-30 age group. The bulk of the data is between the 25-42  age gap. No data was collected for under 13. It would be less likely for under 13 year old’s to own an Iphone but it’s still plausible. There is nothing to say that children don’t use there parents Iphone.

These polls display some interesting results. The data shows that the Ipad’s market fits into a much higher age group. I am not exactly certain why. The bigger screen would be more appealing to older people in terms of readability making it a preferred choice over the Iphone. The Ipad is a complex device that has been simplified, thus making it more user friendly than some other technological devices out there. The Ipad is not cheap to buy which makes sense why not many teenagers own one.

Differences between an average iphone and Android user Infographic: http://socialtimes.com/differences-between-an-average-iphone-and-android-user-infographic_b75069

Further reading: http://gizmodo.com/5458855/the-apple-ipad-is-for-old-people


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