Basic Rules Apply to Successful App Design

Tips for creating an engaging app:

  • Make use of a cloud-based back-end server. Companies that provide these solutions allow brands to store app data on secure cloud data storage platforms. This will enable app authentication and the ability to plug in to the host’s SDK. The app can then interface with data through REST APIs, which creates instant engagement and social interaction between users and even non-users, generating more potential customers.
  • Use push notifications. A configured cloud-based back-end server arrangement allows push notifications to be sent via the app. Push notifications can be controlled by a single API – it doesn’t matter whether customers are using an Apple device or an Android one. When a user gets a high score, or wins a competition in-app, a push notification can be configured so that it is sent to all users of the app, advertising the achievement. Even if the app isn’t currently in use, any customer who has it (and has their push notifications settings switched on) will receive the message. In this way, push notifications greatly increase the potential for engagement.
  • Integrate social media. Design your software to include connectivity with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so that customers can easily share information regarding the app and how they use it.
  • Make full use of device functionality. Apps are unique in their ability to access phone functions such as cameras, phone data, images and contact details. Creative integration of these features will increase the level of user engagement and the app’s chances of success.


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