Story Telling for User Experience

Hello Folks

It is important to remember to share your reading tasks, it is a waste of time for each of you to try to read everything. The link below is another theoretical tome to flesh out your understanding of what is required for user experience design.

Doctor Cris will be with us on Thursday for an hour. I suggest that you have your benchmark document ready for the its first showing. This does not have to be the final version but should indicate your research findings thus far. Remember you have the Ning group as a place for communal discussion as well as this.

Do you want to have your own pages on this site (Justin, San, Ryan, Tee, Eric). I think this would be a very good idea. Feedback please.




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2 responses to “Story Telling for User Experience

  1. ttomu01

    Can you please elaborate on the pages thing. Is it a different account from the ones we signed up for to access this page?

    • williambardebes

      It means that as well as this general blog page you each will have your own page on this site so that you can silo off your own research and discoveries. This also means that you can also keep an eye on each others progress and commitment to this project. As a note to ll of you, do remember to categorize or tag your posts.

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