Rosetta Stone

QR Codes and near field communication microchips are used to store information about an object. The storage capacities are said to be over 10,000 words and one photo for the microchip and 1000 word and one photo for the QR code. With these kinds of technologies no batteries are needed for the receivers, they are powered by the device.

The NFC tags are on a granite surface and the QR codes are on an aluminium surface. The company puts a clear sealer on over the tags to protect and extend there life. The heavy duty design will allow it last for 100’s of years. Obviously we do not need to go as far as that for our project it would be unnecessary and a waste of money. We would only need lightweight tags for indoors and some protection would be needed to make the tags durable outside.

The last thing to mention is that QR codes need additional software, so this may have some impacts in terms of usability for some users. I guess on the other hand would people really seek this technology in this instance if they had no clue about it? More likely not, I am assuming.


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