Circle User Interface

Ryan, please have a look on this concept. It’s quite similar to your idea.


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‘Your customers have gone mobile, why haven’t you?’

Some facts that might help us when we meet with the clients in a few weeks.

  • Over 70% of those who connect to the internet, are using some kind of mobile enabled device (SRI Services)
  • There will be 5.8 billion mobile subscribers worldwide by 2013 (Portio Research)
  • Most people that perform local searches and access local related directories are using mobile devices
  • Over 20 million mobile users per month are accessing local business directories and review sites (SRI Services)
  • Smartphone sales have the strongest growth of mobile devices (Gartner)
  • Mobile data is projected to swell and web use will be greater than voice by 2012 (Pyramid Research)
  • Mobile data traffic overall is expected to grow 18-fold by 2016 (Cisco)

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Zoo kids app character (Feedback needed Please)


Storyline: Meredith the snake just moved from Australia to Auckland Zoo. She needs help getting familiar with her new home and the other animals.

How it works: The kids will go around scanning QR Codes that are at each enclosure. By doing this they unlock some information about the animals in that particular enclosure, name, age, date of birth, favorite food, etc. This information is really what Meredith needs but in return the kids get either get a puzzle or a coloring in page, which they have to complete in order to gain points. With the points earned, kids are able to use them to purchase locked items that they can add to their own virtual zoo, which they can name anything they want, and maintain. (Farmvielle concept).

I chose a snake because I thought it would be different, and that is one of the ‘popular’ animals that is not found at the Auckland Zoo. After some consideration however I thought maybe a snake is not the best animal to use, this is where I need the feedback. Is a snake an appropriate animal to use as my main character for the app?

The style is going to be all illustrations, inspired by the Taronga zoo app.

Meredith (click here to view the pdf of Meredith)

intro story  (click here to view a pdf of my story board so far.)

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Tips for Wireframing a Usable Mobile App Interface

The process of sketching out an application’s user interface is wonderfully exhilarating. It gives you a chance to peek into how your creation will look and feel without the restriction of finer-detail elements. It can also pave the way for an easier development cycle when you understand what needs to be programmed.

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Streetmuseum: Q&A with Museum of London

Street Museum: Museum of London

I just came accross this Q & A with Vicky Lee (Marketing Manager) on the muesuem of London’s augmented reality app, Which  I thought was worth sharing. I am interested in looking at ways of incorporating some of the rich  history of Auckland’s Cultural institution’s, into the app. Maybe it could be incorporated through storytelling rather than just visuals. One quick note into the article if you don’t have time to read it. Q: “Overall, what have you learnt about the process so far?” A: “Simple works best.” That somes up the reoccuring concept  into only three words.

Here is the link to the  Q&A:

Here is a little experiment of mine contrasting the differences of Auckland’s Art gallery, from the 1900’s to a fairly recent time…

Ryan Hartley’s Work

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Here is the map of Motat as requested.



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Visual Hierarchy

One of the things we need to clearly understand in order for our app to work is Visual Hierarchy in relation to information. This could be done by looking at the way Graphic Designers use hierarchy when combining image and text.

Sue gave me a PDF that’s worth looking at in order to clearly understand this topic.


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Auckland Zoo History

I found a good resource on some of the history on Auckland Zoo’s Website:

Also a really detailed timeline:

There could be some good inspiration for storytelling in there


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Toranga zoo App Case Study

Hey guys,

Just found a case study on Namad developers of the Monkey mayhem App. Well worth your time.

Check it out:

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Auckland Art Gallery takes out top architecture award

This should tell you a bit more about the space.

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